Drawing a Vector diamond in Illustrator CS5

Illustrator is the original king for drawing vectors since the 80’s, and I will show you how
drawing a vector diamond is an easy task in Illustrator with the help of the ellipse tool, pen tool,
and using the Live Paint Bucket.

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Photoshop a UFO into a photo

This Photoshop CS5 tutorial will show you a simple process creating a UFO to add to your image.
Whether you believe UFO’s are real or not, with Photoshop anything is convincingly believable.
I will be using my own Photo for this Tutorial. You may use my photo or select a great photo of you own.

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Tunnel Vision effect- Photoshop CS5

Today I will show you how to create a tunnel vision effect using Photoshop CS5.
This effect basically utilizes duplication of layers repeatedly, free transform and applying a radial blur.
The steps involved in this tutorial, can be applied to achieve different results, if you are
willing to experiment. Follow along with me.

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Change eye color in Photoshop CS5

Have you ever wanted to see what your eyes look like in a different color?
This tutorial will show you how to change ones eyes in a photograph using Photoshop CS5
with some straight forward steps involved.

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Photoshop CS5 – Text Art – make an image out of lines of text

This tutorial will show you how to turn an image into text art. we will be using 3 colors which utilize
highlights, midtones, and shadows to give depth to your text art.
Follow along and watch magic take place.

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